SRI AUROBINDO SCHOOL OF INTEGRAL EDUCATION, Chandigarh, founded in July 1994 is an

English-medium Co-educational school. It is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi Vide Code: 2630048 and is managed by Sri Aurobindo Society, Chandigarh, having its head office at Puducherry. Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry is a non-profit Non Government Organization and has been recognized by The Government of India as a research institution and as an Institute of National Importance.
The school is based on the principles of education as enunciated by the Seer - Philospher Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual companion Meera Alfaza - Mother to us.
We aim at nurturing dynamic citizens who are well equipped physically, mentally, emotionally and spritually to face challenges and avail opportunities of the modern complex society.
Our school strives to provide integral and holistic education by incorporating modern tools of teaching with traditional methods of learning.

Our Vision

To offer an Integral Education that helps children to realize their full inner Potential, to open to a New Consciousness, and to become agents of Transformation in the world and creators of the Next Future. A new approach, a paradigm shift.

Our Mission

  • To work for a global movement towards Integral Education which


    1. Strives for the development of all aspects of a child’s personality
    • Physically, a strong, healthy, graceful and beautiful body
    • Emotionally, a sensitive, refined and an energetic personality
    • Mentally a wide, lively, clear, intelligence and will
    • Spiritually, those deeper and subtler qualities which unify and harmonize the whole being.


    1. Prepares for a life long journey of progressive evolution and growth.Along with information and skills, its primary focus is on the development of the Qualities and Faculties that make life beautiful and happy.


    1. Provides an environment and an opportunity to the Teachers, Parents and members of the society for self-development and greater self-awareness, and encourages them to contribute to the growth of the children with the realization that every child is special and unique and must be helped to progress in freedom, joy and service.


    1. Helps the children to come closer to the soul of India, to become aware of their great heritage and to work for an even greater future.


    1. Fosters in each child the attributes and values of a responsible, capable, active and healthy member of the family, the society, the nation, and humanity.
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