From Play way to Class III, careful planning ensures that students become lifelong learners, when learning is fun and relevant. Childern are admitted to Class Nursery at the age of 3. No formal instructions are given in the first year. However, we have a carefully planned multisensory approach that combines games, stories, music, phonetics etc. to enable  Physical, Motor and Cognitive development, as well as inculcation of  Language, Emotional balance, Creativity, Aesthetic & Music appreciation.



The child is introduced to English Language through the Phonetic System, and simple Number Work, mostly through the Play Way Method.

Special care is taken to inculcate discipline and good study habits. Through the recognition of multiple intelligence and using a layered curriculum, our facilitators provide opportunities for students to direct their own learning within a framework crafted to help them succeed. The Preparatory curriculum is specially designed to lead seamlessly to the senior school programme.

At senior school, Class IV to Class X students are imparted a formal syllabus. Classroom teaching is complemented and supplemented with experiments, creativity, handwork, models and audio visual presentations, excursions, group activity, Library and Internet researches and projects . The students are taught the intellectual tools to facilitate their thinking and to develop resources to go beyond text - book learning. Emphasis on academic as well as co-scholastic area such as life skills, attitude, values and performing skills like literary, creative, scientific, aesthetic and kinesthetic skills is laid.







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